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Choosing the right sized shoe for your little one need not be a difficult task. To keep it simple and consistent, our beautiful children's baby, toddler and children's shoes follow Australian sizing.

All you need to do is measure your child's foot from heel to the tip of their big toe and add about 1cm for growing. Then order your required size based off the cm measurement. If your baby is between sizes, select the larger size. They do grow quite quickly!


SIZE (AU) Insole Length (cm) Age Guide (Approx)
3 11.8 6-12 months
4 12.6 12-18 months
5 13.4 18-24 months
6 14.2 2 years
7 14.6 2.5 years
8 15.6 3 years
9 16.5 3.5 years
10 17.1 4 years


The table above should be used as a guide only. Please note that the age guide is for reference only as children's feet can vary considerably even between children of the same age. Always measure their lovely little feet to be sure!

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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


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