We love natural leather for our children's, baby and toddler shoes. As a natural product, leather does mark with use, contributing to its character. One of the loveliest things about leather is the way that it softens over time and molds to your baby’s foot, leaving an imprint to remind you of how tiny their little feet were!
The soft leather soles of our shoes are designed to support natural foot development for your baby or toddler whilst providing protection for delicate little feet. This does mean that they better suited to indoor use than rough terrain. Also, as we generally use non-aggressive dyes that are safe for babies, some of the leathers may shed some colour particularly when wet.

To keep your baby shoes looking great, we recommend:
  • Not leaving the shoes out in direct sunlight for extended periods to prevent fading, 
  • Not machine washing or tumble drying the shoes 
  • Not rubbing the shoes against anything rough 
  • Drying the shoes immediately if they get wet 
  • Avoiding contact with oils and solvents (babies don't like them either!)
Caring for Coloured Leather: 
Stains or spills should be wiped off immediately with a soft damp cloth or sponge. Shoes should then be dried out of direct sunlight.
Caring for Suede

It is best to avoid getting stains or dirt on suede. However, a good quality suede brush or damp sponge can be gently used to remove soiling. Once clean, the shoes should be stuffed loosely to retain shape and dried out of direct sunlight.
For more information on caring for and cleaning suede, please follow this  this link:
How to clean suede shoes

Hair Clips

  • Avoid contact with liquids and chemicals (i.e. perfume, sea water, sweat, moisturiser and chlorine). Contact with these liquids will damage your hair clips.
  • Do not over expose your hair clips to humidity (bathrooms and sunrooms) and ensure they are not stored in direct sunlight. 
  • To ensure your hair clips do not fall apart, treat them with care.
  • Even the highest quality materials can rip or break if they are handled aggressively.  These hair clips are made to last, but the Liberty London Tawn is a very delicate range of material. It will not handle extreme bending, force or rough handling! We will not be responsible for replacement of adjustable pieces broken due to mis-handling.
Hand made soft soled leather children's, toddler and baby shoes. Classic, stylish, loved by little feet