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Summer is here and so are our Scout Sandals!

Our classic summer staple scout sandals are back by popular demand! Made with a natural vegetable tanned leather insole and the softest flexible rubber sole, these little classics are as comfortable as they are cute. Available in 4 gorgeous colours - Tan, Sand, Antique Gold and Wild Leopard | Sizes 4- 10 (1 to 4 years old).

In stock now and ready to be shipped and if it is anything like last summer, these will fly out of the door very quickly!

Be Stylish and Sun-Safe with Our New Baby Hats

Introducing our lovely, Rei wide brimmed cotton sun hats for babies and toddlers. Designed to suit both boys and girls, these versatile yet stylish hats are the perfect way to be sun-safe this summer. Made from a lovely low maintenance washable linen cotton blend, these easily stored hats include a handy chin tie for those windy days.

Available in 3 gorgeous colours - Mustard, Rust and lovely Lavender. Perfect for little ones up to 2.5 years old, 52cm

Because mamas deserve pretty things too!

Introducing the classic bucket hat for mamas. The must have summer accessory, perfect for beach days and park hangs with your little babes.
Comfortable baby, toddler and children's shoes. Love them Kit and Kate

Shoes so comfortable your child will love them

We believe that your child's comfort comes first. Our premium baby, toddler and children's shoes are designed specifically for children's feet, taking into account their unique shape and needs. We use only the softest breathable natural leathers to create beautiful yet durable footwear for your child as we believe that it is important they can still have fun and play while looking their best.

Easy Exchanges, No Questions Asked

Buying a pair (or two) of baby shoes for your child should be stress free and you should be allowed to change your mind! To help with this, we created a simple, straightforward exchange policy. Click on the link below to find out more.

Find the perfect fit for your child's shoes

Baby shoe sizes can be confusing. What's more, choosing the right size and type of child's shoe to buy is very important for your child's development. A good pair of shoes should provide protection for their precious little feet while allowing them to run and play freely. Let us help take the stress out of the process and help you choose the perfect pair of children's shoes with our detailed baby and toddler shoe fitting and sizing guide.

Luca - The perfect boots for any season!

Our stylish Luca Boots are back in stock in more colours and styles. Complementing our gorgeous distressed leather Honey Luca's come our brand new delicious Walnut (in nubuck) and exciting Wild (in mohair).

The perfect trio don't you think? Available in size 3 - 6 | The perfect pair of boots for both boys and girls, babies and toddlers.

Brooklyn in the Wild

Grrrr... that's what we thought when we penned this design. Finished in beautiful cheetah patterned leather, they are lovely to hold and even better to wear (or so we've been told by our little ones).

Suitable for both boys and girls, these feisty little beauties are a must have for your little one's wardrobe! On sale now, and rushing out the door so don't delay!

Paris T-Bars in Honey

Did someone say they wanted to see our classic Paris T-Bars in distressed leather? Well, we thought that it had to be done! The perfect way to keep those lovely little feet warm and protected this cold winter, and what better colour to have them in than a warm comforting shade of honey!

Available in stock now. Get in quick to avoid disappointment!

Eleanor Boots

Back due to popular demand, our classic Eleanor boots in a lovely shade of blush. Soft, supple and so lovely to hold, they are the perfect accessory for the stylish little girl

Stella T-bars

Made with the same love and care as all of our shoes, our new flexible soled Stella T-bars are the perfect accessory for the little girl who has outgrown her Kit & Kate baby shoes.

Condor Socks and Tights

We are now stocking Cóndor socks and tights! Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, they are renowned for their high quality & durability but also have great stretch for a comfortable wear.

Choose from our collection of baby socks and tights carefully curated to complement our hand made shoes making it as easy as possible for you to assemble the perfect outfit.

Personalise Your Shoes with a Monogram

We offer professional quality monogramming so that you can personalise your baby shoes for a treasured keepsake or the perfect gift. All of our monogramming is done in-house and is shipped within two days.
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The Joy of Childhood

Australian Designed & Owned

All of our shoes are our own, unique designs created right here in Australia. Why? Because we love both shoes and children and know that our conditions are a little different to the rest of the world. On top of that, each and every pair is carefully packed by us right here in Perth, Western Australia with a hand written note, our way of saying thank you for supporting us.


Kit & Kate - Beautifully designed shoes for babies and toddlers

An Interview with the Kit & Kate's Designer

While a little cliche, it all started with trying to find a pair of classic, stylish (yet comfortable) baby shoes; which my son wouldn’t take off within 5 seconds of me putting them on. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was learning all about shoemaking, drawing up designs and creating beautiful shoes for babies that my children would love and wear. It didn’t take long before I started thinking about how great it would be to share my designs so that other children (and mums) could also enjoy them. What an adventure it has been!

February 03, 2019 by Brad Russell
How to care for babies' feet even after they wear shoes

Caring for Your Baby's Feet

Now that your new bundle of joy has arrived, you want to make sure that he / she gets the best of care. One area of great importance is his / her feet even though it may be hard to imagine right now that those small feet will one day be able to walk, run, and jump. While these adorable, soft, little feet may look like the miniature versions of your feet, they are actually quite different and far more delicate as the bones in your baby’s feet are soft cartilage at birth and will not finish developing into their final hardened state until your child is in his / her teens

So, let’s look at ways to get the most out of all that foot care.

January 19, 2019 by Jo x
What to Look for When Buying Shoes for Children

What to Look for When Buying Shoes for Children

Now that your child is actively on his / her feet most of the day, it is time to look for “big boy / big girl” shoes. At Kit & Kate we fully understand that parents want the best shoes for their children, but often aren’t sure what to look for when buying those shoes. With some good tips, buying shoes for your children will not become a guessing game or a hassle.

So let's have a look at some of the research that we have done!

December 24, 2018 by Jo x

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