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Soft sole baby shoes in natural leather ages 6 months to 2 years
Soft Soles
Soft sole leather Toddler shoes
Soft Soles
The perfect pair of kids and children's shoes. Natural leather, flexible rubber soles
Flexible Soles

Designed with Comfort In Mind

Our shoes are designed specifically for children's feet, taking into account their unique shape and needs. We use only the softest breathable natural leathers to create beautiful yet durable footwear for your child as we believe that it is important they can still have fun and play while looking their best.

Scout Leather Sandals

The beach is calling!

Introducing our brand new Scout sandals, the perfect summer staple. Designed for babies, toddlers and children, these sandals are made with 100% buttery natural leather featuring a vegetable tanned insole and a durable, soft flexible rubber sole.

So comfortable they won't want to take them off, and durable enough for endless days of fun and adventures. We have one for nearly every child, with a wide range of sizes to suit kids aged 2.5 to 4 years.

Easy Exchanges, No Questions Asked

Our exchange policy is straightforward as we believe that buying a pair of baby shoes for your child should be stress free.

Find The Perfect Fit Before You Buy

Choosing the right size and type of child's shoe to buy is very important for your child's development. A good pair of shoes should provide protection for their precious little feet while allowing them to run and play freely. Let us help take the stress out of the process and help you choose the perfect pair of children's shoes with our detailed fitting and sizing guide.

Oxfords - The Perfect Staple for Babies and Toddlers

Introducing our new range of Oxfords in both soft and flexible soles. Stylish and practical ,they have been made with carefully selected genuine soft leather for your child's well being and comfort. This comfortable and stylish design can be worn from party to play. Available in the best colours of the season.

Oxfords for Babies, Toddlers and Children

Personalise Your Shoes with a Monogram

We offer professional quality monogramming so that you can personalise your shoes for a treasured keepsake or the perfect gift. All of our monogramming is done in-house and is shipped within two days.

Australian Designed & Owned

All of our shoes are our own, unique designs. Each and every pair is carefully packed by us right here in Perth, Western Australia with a hand written note, our way of saying thank you for supporting us.

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Although seemingly confusing at first, the answer is actually relatively straightforward. All that is needed is  a little information on how the feet of their little ones develop, what type of shoes will support this development, and when the correct type of shoes is needed or if a change of size is required.


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Why I think soft soled baby shoes are best for your child

When my children were little, I tried all sorts of different shoes for them before I realised that soft soled baby shoes were what they should (and would) wear. Having been through all of that, I thought that I would share my personal experiences. The first being that soft-soled baby shoes offer a comfortable footwear option for babies because they are not hard and rigid like traditional shoes. In addition to the soft soles, the upper portion of the shoes should be made from soft, breathable natural leather...

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