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Welcome to Kit & Kate Baby Shoes Australia where we believe that your child's comfort comes first, but not at the expense of style. Available in a variety of baby shoe sizes, our beautiful, premium baby, toddler and children's shoes are designed specifically for children's feet, taking into account their unique shape and needs. We use the softest breathable natural leathers to create beautiful yet durable footwear for your child as we believe that it is important they can still have fun and play while looking their best.

Why our soft sole shoes are the best for your child

Our soft soled shoes are designed based on recommendations by podiatrist and healthcare professionals for what is best for babies and toddlers learning to walk. Made from soft natural leather so that they can be worn all year round, they feature a wider, roomier shape for your child's comfort.

Most importantly, they have soft flexible suede soles with non-slip pads which mimic walking barefoot to help support healthy foot development while helping to protect their precious little feet.

☑️ | Super comfortable ☑️ | Great for all seasons ☑️ | Best for learning to walk

What our customers are saying


"Beautifully made from lovely soft leather"

Natalie (QLD)


"My daughter loves them so much and won't take them off!"

Jane (VIC)


"I really appreciate how easy and stress free you made this"

Kath (WA)

Brooklyn Baby High Top Sneakers

Our ever popular Brooklyn Hightops are back in black as well as two gorgeous new colours; tan and pink. With their minimalist stye and a hint of edge, these laid back sneakers are the perfect kicks for cool sporty kids.

Cleverly designed with soft leather soles they allow your precious little one's feet to move freely and develop naturally. They also incorporate a handy side zipper making them a cinch to take off and put on wriggly feet while remaining secure.

Luca - The Boots for Any Occasion

Our stylish Luca baby boots are back in stock! Made from the lovelies waxed leather, they are a pleasure to look at and hold. Stylish, yet versatile, they are the perfect partner for those amazing summer vacations and adventures! Wear them anywhere, from parties to playgrounds to daycare.

Available in size 3 - 6 | The perfect pair of boots for both boys and girls, babies and toddlers.

Personalise Your Shoes with a Custom Monogram

We offer professional quality monogramming so that you can personalise your baby shoes for a treasured keepsake or the perfect gift. All of our monogramming is done in-house and is shipped not long after we process your order.

Simply adorable by Alimrose

Designed by in Australia by experts who have been perfecting their craft for over 30 years, these beautiful dolls, soft toys, rattles, cuddlies and bibs for babies, children and toddlers by Alimrose are absolutely divine and a must for any gift basket or hamper. Made using quality fabrics and with exquisite craftsmanship, they are sought after worldwide and collected by so many children around the world.

The sweetest newborn gift.

Dappermaentje Teddy Moon Cuddly

Enjoy this moon-shaped cuddly by Dappermaentje handmade in Holland. With its lovely soft material, this Teddy Moon Cuddly will almost definitely help your little on be a little more comfortable and reassured come nap time. Utilising its small fabric tie, you can hang this teddy moon on your child's pacifier to make sure it doesn't get lost again (or at least as often).

Every moon is handmade in Amsterdam by Annelijn, mama of Dapper and Maen.

Condor Socks and Tights

We are now stocking Cóndor socks and tights! Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, they are renowned for their high quality & durability but also have great stretch for a comfortable wear.

Choose from our collection of baby socks and tights carefully curated to complement our hand made shoes making it as easy as possible for you to assemble the perfect outfit.

Find the perfect fit for your child's shoes

Baby shoe sizes can be confusing. What's more, choosing the right size and type of child's shoe to buy is very important for your child's development. A good pair of shoes should provide protection for their precious little feet while allowing them to run and play freely. Let us help take the stress out of the process and help you choose the perfect pair of children's shoes with our detailed baby and toddler shoe fitting and sizing guide.

Easy Exchanges, No Questions Asked

Buying a pair (or two) of baby shoes for your child should be stress free and you should be allowed to change your mind! To help with this, we created a simple, straightforward exchange policy. Click on the link below to find out more.


Baby shoes in sizes to suit US and UK and Australian babies and toddlers

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