Great customer service! There is nothing out there that is more important to us than making your day! Things that really matter to us include ensuring that your child's comfort and well being come first, beautiful baby shoes designs which are tasteful, versatile and durable, making sure that you get the right toddler shoe size and design and of course getting your shoes shipped and delivered out to your quickly.

Baby shoes in size (guide) 6 months to 12 months to 24 months to two years

Here are some of the things that our customers have said about us:

Customer Comments

"I received my first order for my one year old girl last week and the shoes are absolutely stunning! The quality is beautiful and they are the only shoes she doesn't try to pull off, so they must be comfortable!!"

"I’ve told a few other local mums about them - they are just beautiful quality and something I’ll keep forever for my own son :)"

"My daughter inherited a pair from my niece and we loved them so much"

"I will just keep the shoes and add them to my son’s keepsakes" 

"We have received the boys boots and we love them!!!"

"He adores his shoes and loves going for a walk in the remote area of WA where he lives and is having many adventures in these beautifully made and great looking boots"

"I will certainly be purchasing more shoes for him and my other grandchildren in the future" 

"I’m more in love with them than I have ever been with any of my shoes! Thank you!"

"I couldn’t help putting them on my little boy yesterday when we went to the zoo and they were perfect. He was very comfortable and showed everyone his new shoes! They look gorgeous!"

"I like your brand so much, the baby shoes looks like very comfortable. I have already bought 3 pairs for my little one"

"we love them so much I will need to make another order at some point"

"They also go with EVERYTHING ☺️"

"Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I really appreciate how easy + stress free you have made this (getting these outfits sorted last minute has been somewhat stressful :) "

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