The memory box

It all started shortly after the birth of my little boy, when my mother handed me a mysterious box. In it, were three pairs of my old baby shoes. Well worn, but still beautiful and usable after all these years. I remember holding these shoes and marvelling at the craftsmanship, quality but most of all their timeless, classic design. 

I was inspired! To re-create the experience for my children became a passion. I very quickly however, found out that they had stopped making keepsakes like that.So, naturally, I did what any self respecting shoe lover would do. I started creating shoes for my own children, and the rest is history….  

The best soft soled leather shoes. Classic, stylish, loved by little feet

Children’s feet are constantly growing, and have bones which are soft and delicate. While it is essential that they are protected, their tiny little feet must also be allowed to move naturally, free of heavy, awkward footwear as they develop critical motor skills to take them through life.

At Kit & Kate, we believe that our soft, hand-made, breathable, natural leather shoes allow children to develop naturally as they progress towards making those long awaited first steps and beyond.
 Cleverly designed, to be slipped on and off easily when required yet be secure, even on the most active of little feet (as tested and confirmed by my own children)

Our baby shoes are made with care by hand from genuine, soft leathers. As a general rule, we use leathers which are free of nasty chemicals and are tested to conform to strict European standards. One of the loveliest things about leather is the way that it softens over time and molds to your baby’s foot, leaving a imprint to remind you of how tiny their little feet were!

However, we don’t believe that comfort and practicality have to come at the expense of style. Classic, elegant and timeless are words we often hear about our designs. However, what we truly aspire to is to create keepsakes to be treasured forever.


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