Baby shower gift ideas for boys, girls and mums in Australia

Baby showers, what do you do? Looking for the perfect baby shower gift idea but not sure where to start, or have zero baby knowledge?

It is especially daunting of you haven’t had children of your own (as I was at some point). I remember wondering for hours “What do I get my best friend for her little boy… or is it a girl?” It’s enough to scare anyone away. An then you start worrying about the games, I know, champagne… wait.. that doesn’t work either.

Well, you have come to the right place - maybe :)

For now, I’m going to park the subject of what to do at a baby shower. That’s a subject for a different day. Let’s focus on what gift to bring.

The goal is to find the perfect baby shower gift for the new mum to be *so* grateful for, from the practical to the downright adorable, and not because she's not a regular mum-to-be, she's a cool mum-to-be.

I’ve scoured the world wide web (to the best of my ability) to find the very best gift ideas for mums-to-be for every budget, whether you want to get them a treat to pamper themselves with or something for the little bundle of joy (after he or she is born obviously)

Option 1: Baby Toys and Playthings

I kind of group toys into two distinct groups. Cutesy and practical. Let’s start with cutesy. There is absolutely no shortage of sweet cuddly toys on the market. From teddy bears to teddy mooses (is that a word?), where do you start? Well, first of all, do look for ones made from natural materials that are hypoallergenic. We wouldn’t want to trigger off something nasty in little bub would we? Also do check the age recommendations on them. Some super cute things are actually quite dangerous. Just do a search for cute baby toys that are safe and hypoallergenic. The choices are endless! Be especially wary of things purchased online from overseas as not all of them meet Australian safety requirements.

Then there are always educational toys. I tend to love things from good brands like Fisher Price or Little Tikes. For me, it’s sometimes easier to just go to your local Target, Baby Bunting or K-mart to look at them and get a feel. It’s difficult to buy things online when you’ve got no experience with them at all sometimes. Is it a boy or is it a girl?

Option 2: Baby Clothes and Baby Footwear

I have to confess, I love baby clothes and shoes. They are just so cute. How can anything be so tiny! Tiny feet, tiny hands. I have a three personal rules when it comes to baby clothes and shoes.

  • “natural natural natural”. Natural leather or cotton. Actually, that applies to my own clothes too (for adults, I include silk, but let’s not digress). That’s why at Kit & Kate, all of our baby and toddler shoes are made from soft natural leather. Customisation or personalisation is always a nice touch which is why we offer a custom monogramming service for which you can have the baby’s initials stamped in gold onto the shoes. The perfect gift or keepsake.
  • A little bigger never hurts. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I had a big baby. A lot of the baby things didn’t fit… straight up. Remember, babies grow and actually just wear swaddles and diapers for the first few months, so it is best to size things for 6-12 months onwards rather than aiming for a new born. Baby shoes sizes can be especially confusing. It’s always good to refer to a size chart of guide, a little like the one we have here that converts all kinds of sizes.
  • Too cute is not that cute. Simple is best. I have to say that I have a thing for simple timeless designs. While that is my personal preference, it’s also a safe bet as not every parent loves a vibrant yellow polka dot flower dress with red accents for their little one (I’m not saying that I don’t, because I do, but sometimes safe is good)

Option 3: Pampering for Bub or Mum

My personal favourite (when receiving it). Pregnancy can be a rough time. I mean, you’re lugging around another living creature (who’s feeding off your body) and several kg’s of amniotic fluid. A little care and pampering wouldn’t go amiss. Do remember though that not all treatments are suitable for pregnant women so do hold off on that wicked Thai massage until well after your best friend has recovered!

A left field idea is always a baby spa voucher…..

Option 4: Baby Keepsakes

It’s a little bit of option 1 and 2. There are quite a few things, but my personal favourite was the clay mold set that someone gave me to get an imprint of my daughter’s feet. I still have that up on the mantelpiece. They are so tiny. I show that to her now and she just laughs.  Little soft soled leather shoes can do the same (albeit once they start to walk which is about a year down the track. Their little feet will wear a footprint in the shoes. Super cute.

Option 5: Practical Baby Accessories

Or you can go full-on practical, which is always a good idea if you know other friends or family members have the cute stuff sorted already. While the parents-to-be have probablygot things like the high chair, cot, baby carrier, baby capsule, baby car seat and pram sorted (you hope so, at least), they may not have not yet thought about a changing bag, a bath supportor even a breast pump. Then there are always educational toys, trolleys and all sorts. Now here is where it pays to co-ordinate with a few others to make sure that you don’t all get the same thing. No baby needs more than one Fisher Price Grow With Me Set and no mum more than one breast pump.

 Option 6: Baby Gift Hampers (ie when combining options 1 through to 5)

Ah yes, the handy and almost totally failsafe is a gift hamper. These days there are faboulous companies which make perfect baby shower gift hampers. You can even customise and personalise them to suite your needs including baby socks, baby hat, mittens, muslins, baby bibs, pyjamas, baby booties, baby moccs, baby boots, baby t-bars and a teddy in a pretty white basket, the list can go on forever!

Option 7: Baby Music and Songs  / Entertainment

Music for mum or music for baby? That’s the question. Do we want Baby Shark or Baby Driver?

Option 8: Baby Gift cards or cash

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, they may not seem that thoughtful, on the other hand, who doesn’t like to be able to choose their own stuff! This one is a very personal thing which I think you have to decide as you know your friend best. 

Make sure though that the gift cards you are getting never expire, just like our ones here at Kit & Kate

Whatever you go for, you're guaranteed to find a sweet, practical and – most importantly –thoughtful gift that the new mum in your life is guaranteed to love.

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