Potty training your child so that they can get out of their diapers
Potty training babies and toddlers can be a difficult process for both parents and children. It is important to remember that this is a learning experience for the child, so it may take time before they are fully potty trained. It is a big milestone for many parents as it is the first step to being free of those pesky diapers (followed by very frequent visits to every public toilet in the world!)

The first step in potty training your baby or toddler is to provide them with diapers when needed. Diapers help keep their clothes clean while they learn how to control their bladder muscles and use the toilet correctly. Once you feel like your child has some control over these muscles, you can start introducing them to using the toilet instead of diapers by providing rewards when successful attempts are made at using it properly. As they begin to gain control, you can go longer and longer without them. It is a good idea though to begin in a safe spare, perhaps at home, away from difficult to clean rugs and furniture.
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If there are still accidents happening after transitioning from diapers, do not worry too much as this happens often during potty training stages - especially overnight wetting which usually stops around age 5-6 years old without any intervention needed on behalf of parents or caregivers. Yes, it actually just happens all by itself! To help reduce bedwetting incidents try limiting fluids before bedtime and ensure that they always have access to an appropriate bathroom facility if possible throughout night hours – such as keeping one near their bedroom door if feasible in order not disrupt sleep patterns unnecessarily due long trips away from bedroom towards bathrooms located further away within house walls . Above all else , avoid shaming or scolding your children during these times ; rather build up confidence levels by praising successes along way even small ones . With patience , understanding & encouragement eventually full transition off diaper wearing will occur naturally .

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