How to make your own baby shoes

Are you waiting to welcome a new baby in your family? Need to give a homemade shower gift for a personal touch? Well, handmade baby shoes are amazing for newborn babies. They’re not only cute but super comfortable as well. If you are feeling really adventurous, you could DIY your own baby shoes could be one of the cutest projects you ever take on. What’s more, tiny baby shoes (simple ones) are relatively are quick, easy to make and hardly take any fabric. We’d argue though that they would be socks unless they are made from leather!


First of all, it is really important to learn how to sew. Different techniques are required when sewing cloth and leather. There a a lot of website online which will teach you but there is no substitute for some good old practice!


Next, you will need to find some patterns. You could create your own designer baby shoe patterns from scratch, but it is advisable to get them from a reputable site such as Etsy or the like. The use of little Velcro strap on these DIY baby shoes gives the pair a more snug fit so that your naughty toddler’s feet stay inside quite well. Little tags make these booties more personal. Buckles, laces and buttons can add a touch of class.

Colours and Fabrics:

Natural leather of course is our favourite. As we said earlier, you could say that cloth booties are socks J. Don’t forget to make the soles nice and soft, and if necessary double layer them. For a super classy finish, you could line the inside of your shoes but we think that that is best left up to the professionals. Alternatively, Use some bright colored fabric and take to sewing to create a fabulous masterpiece!

Too hard?

Well, luckily, Kit & Kate have some lovely shoes for boys and girls, babies and toddlers. We can even custom monogram them so that even though you didn’t make them yourself, you can say for sure that they are a special gift for that special someone. To top it off, add accessories such as socks, stockings, hair clips and hats to your cart for the perfect gift.





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